The Consult: Another Reason Technology Might Kill You, and Other News from Around the Web

Technology Is Dangerous, Chapter Two Hundred: Another article about the unknown health effects of new technology, this time in Monday's New York Times (I missed it over the holiday  my mistake.) The article looks at all the potential adverse reactions that could be linked to too much texting. Suspects include: lack of sleep, stunted emotional development, thumb cramping. But before you banish your Blackberry to a drawer, note the fine print: "The rise in texting is too recent to have produced any conclusive data on health effects." Call me when you know something for real, guys (New York Times)

Goodbye to All That Fiber Americans are over healthy living. So suggests a study from the American Journal of Medicine. Researchers measures how many Americans adhered to five "healthy habits," like eating fruits and vegetables and getting enough physical activity, and found that the number of health nuts who did all five has been cut in half over the past 20 years. Americans are now drinking more and moving less, as well.  Nice work, guys (she says, while eating her egg and cheese sandwich). (

Silent Birth Des Moines hospitals say they will no longer provide birth announcements to the area newspaper, citing concerns for newborn safety.  Though there have been no incidents of note wherein birth announcements played a role in endangering newborns, one hospital administrator emphasized the need to "do everything possible to protect our tiniest patients." The Des Moines register is trying tofind a new way to collect the information that ensures its accuracy. (Des Moines Register)

McDonald's Eggs-emption Yesterday, McDonald's shareholders voted "no" on a proposal to serve eggs only from free-range chickens. McDonalds has said it will continue to study the issue. I'm curious to see the logistics of raising free-range farming for a company that serves so many people (billions and billions, was it?) (The Street)