Conventional Wisdom: Patriot Games Edition

Bush (down) What he said in address: Troops will “return on success.” What it means: They’ll stay on failure.

Petraeus (neutral) Wishful thinker on Iraq, but honest enough to say he “doesn’t know” if war makes us safer.

Warners (up) Sen. John retires, former gov. Mark announces he’ll run for the seat. Is Virginia trending blue?

O.J. (down) Suspect in small-time Las Vegas hotel sports-memorabilia break-in. Next: “If I Did It, Part Deux.”

N.E. Pats(down) How did they win all those Super Bowls? Now we know why admin called snoop bill the Patriot Act.

Britney(down) MTV awards act shows how precocious she is. Already channeling Anna Nicole Smith.