Correspondents' Picks: Indian Wines

Wine is hardly new to India. Sixteenth-century Mogul rulers were known to enjoy chalices of red Shiraz wine imported from Iran. Ever since the hard-drinking days of the British Raj, the alcohol of choice has been whisky. But there’s a strong sense that the cultural pendulum is starting to swing back, as wine sales dramatically outpace those for spirits. Our correspondents' picks from wineries in the Maharashtra region, about 125 miles northeast of Mumbai:

Sula Vineyards, Nashik Valley
—Sula Sauvignon Blanc: dry, fruity, refreshing
—Dindori Reserve Shiraz: smooth, fragrance of berries
—Sula Cabernet Shiraz: rich bodied

Chateau Indage Estate Vineyards, Narayangaon, Pune District
—Ivy, Shiraz: full bodied with berry flavor
—Chantilli, Chardonnay: rich and fruity
—Marquise de Pompadour Brut: a sparkling wine

Mountain View Winery, Nashik Valley
—Chenin Blanc: fragrant and lightly sweet
—Cabernet Shiraz blend: Cabernet provides the flavor and structure, while Shiraz brings with it a spicy richness.

Blue Star Winery, Chakan, Pune District
—Bluefolds Syrah: blends an authentic aroma of black pepper with silky tannins
—Bluefolds Chenin Blanc: pronounced fruit character and very nice freshness