Crime: A Football Star Faces A Murder Rap

He was a classy wide receiver on the Carolina Panthers. But last week Rae Carruth, 25, was arrested by FBI agents, who found him hiding in a car trunk outside a Tennessee motel during a desperate attempt to flee a murder warrant in Charlotte, N.C. The victim was his former girlfriend Cherica Adams, 24, who was six and one-half months pregnant with Carruth's child.

As police told it, Adams was shot four times in the neck and chest as she sat in her car on Nov. 16. Three suspects were later arrested in the case and Carruth was arrested as well. According to news reports, he watched the hit from his own car: prosecutors named Carruth "the instigator" of the shooting in court. He had lost his place in the Panthers' starting lineup and was reportedly worried about money. When Adams died last week, all four men were charged with murder.

Free on $3 million bond, Carruth fled until the FBI caught up to him and a woman friend in Tennessee. His lawyer says Carruth had no part in the shooting, but a jury will decide. Before Cherica Adams died, doctors performed a Caesarean section to save her baby boy. Named Chancellor Lee Adams, the child is in fair condition.