Cubicle crushes and other know-nos

It's dormcest taken to a new level: dating a co-worker. Can inter-office dating ever end in happily ever after? Current helps you navigate the tricky, yet always tempting, prospect of romance in the workplace. For starters, be clear and honest about your objectives. It's best to consider from the outset what will happen if passion palls between you and your cute colleague. Ask yourself if a breakup would make your daily life awkward, or even worse, painful-and whether or not this drawback is worth the risk. If you decide that it is, be aware of company policies. Some corporations, like Viacom, demand that the pair meet with the human resources department after the first two dates in order to "assess the relationship." For some companies, inter-office dating can be much more serious.

A few have anti-fraternization policies that ban inter-office dating altogether, and in the case where one person outranks the other, the relationship can automatically be considered sexual harassment. If you do decide to embrace inter-office romance, water cooler rendezvous should be kept to a minimum. It's hard to avoid making eyes at one another from across the cubicle, but worth the effort as one entertainment-industry employee learned the hard way. Sure that no one was watching his affair with the secretary unfold, he made his film debut on the office surveillance cameras. Just remember, a sock on the office door won't put a sock in office gossip.