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  • OM02sidebar-literary-dublin-merrion-square

    Dublin’s Literary Hot Spots

    The city has nurtured writers from Samuel Beckett to Seamus Heaney. Here are the places where you can follow their footsteps.
  • Coolidge

    A Winter’s Tale

    From Lawrence Wright's expose of Scientology to Max Boot's history of guerilla warfare, Newsweek picks the year's must-reads.
  • masters-of-universe-tom-wolfe-fe0101-main

    Eunuchs of the Universe

    Tom Wolfe's searing indictment of how the world of finance went wrong and who the new Masters of the Universe are today.
  • Tavis Smiley, Quentin Tarantino

    ‘This Brother Needs Help’

    Tavis Smiley sounds off on Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ and how it flubs the history of American slavery.
  • A Lost Generation: The AIDS Crisis

    A Lost Generation

    AIDS silenced the arts. Newsweek’s film critic recalls the toughest story of his career.
  • happiness-FE04-main-tease

    Why Your Resolutions Fail

    Every year we promise to change our behavior, and every year we screw it up. Oliver Burkeman explains why—and points to a surer path to happiness.
  • Child Rearing

    Raising Kids the Primitive Way

    Hold them, share them, let them run free. Jared Diamond on why the traditional way of raising kids is better than ours.
  • Morgan Russell. Synchromy in Orange: To Form.

    Modern Art, Defined

    An exhibition looks at abstraction—the movement that defines 
modern art. By Blake Gopnik
  • Kristen Stewart

    The Mad One

    Kristen Stewart goes on the road with Kerouac. By Marlow Stern.
  • Richard Rosendale

    Hospitality MacGyver

    He calls it the War Room. Located behind 30-ton blast doors in a fallout shelter—built for Congress in the late 1950s and nicknamed “The Last Resort”—its walls are papered with plans, diagrams, and calendars that painstakingly plot out the minutes ’til the Big Day. Across the hall is a replica of the battle site, stocked with high-tech equipment and laid out inch-by-inch to resemble what he’ll find when he touches down on French soil.
  • Johnny's & Associates

    Johnny’s World

    Japan’s elusive boy-band kingpin speaks out. By Robert Michael Poole
  • camile-paglia-OV04-main

    God is Great

    For one critic, the dearth of spirituality in art is a problem of biblical proportions.
  • Julie Mehretu's untitled 2001 painting at John Berggruen

    Pop Goes the Art Bubble

    The rich keep spending millions and driving up prices. But what happens when the bubble bursts?
  • armisen-om03-main-tease

    What Fred Said

    A longtime veteran of ‘Saturday Night Live’, Armisen sounds off on the return of his IFC show ‘Portlandia’ and mimicking Penny Marshall.
  • pasta-crisis-FE02-main-tease

    The End of Pasta

    Temperatures are rising. Rainfalls are shifting. Droughts are intensifying. What will we eat when wheat won’t grow.
  • Jay Duplass and brother Mark Duplass

    Mark Duplass

    The writer-director-actor on ripping off ‘Rocky’.
  • the-city-jerusalem-OV50-main-tease


    Sayed Kashua on sadness and sin in the Holy Land.
  • Marion Cotillard

    A Beautiful Mind

    Marion Cotillard on motherhood, the 1 percent, and her ‘Rust and Bone’ role that will make you do a double take.
  • Blackta

    Beyond Othello

    Two plays tackle color and character on the British stage
  • Cairo

    Drunk In Cairo

    From whisky at the Windsor to Baladi bars, Lawrence Osborne gets sloshed in the new Islamist Egypt.
  • Vintage Ralph Lauren

    Americana Redux

    Sitting in a deluxe meeting room in an office in midtown Manhattan, David Lauren, an executive vice president of the Ralph Lauren Corp. and second son of the famous designer, does something you wouldn’t expect of a fashion executive: he reveals that the elegant suit he has on—double-breasted and wide-lapelled in navy-blue wool, worn with a pin-dotted tie—is in fact 20 years old. He’s not begging for a raise or showing off his thrift. He is demonstrating a truth about this moment in world culture: that the old is new and the new looks old and there’s no need to choose between them—and that his company is on the crest of this cultural wave. The suit was designed by his father, and any wear that it’s showing after all these years is like “the patina of a great pickup truck,” he says, since the brand “is always rooted in the classics—it’s about history.”
  • Katherine Boo

    And the Winner Is: Katherine Boo

    A descent into the Mumbai slums climbs to literary heights as it nabs the National Book Award. The author speaks to Lucas Wittmann.
  • mistake-ang-lee-MY01-main-tease

    Ang Lee

    The ‘Life of Pi’ director on his greatest balancing act.