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  • the-city-bankok-OV50-main


    John Burdett meditates on the multi-layered and mysterious Thai capital.
  • Red Bull

    Space Shot

    An energy drink’s latest extreme sport.
  • chinua-achebe-OM02-main

    Things Still Fall Apart

    The great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe has died at the age of 82. Novelist Uzodinma Iweala celebrates his memoir of the Biafran war.
  • newsweek-oct-15-cover-tease

    My Proof of Heaven

    When a neurosurgeon found himself in a coma, he experienced things he never thought possible—a journey to the afterlife.
  • Islamic Galleries

    Honoring the Art of Empires

    In a time of turmoil, the Louvre’s new Islamic galleries offer up a reminder of the complexity and grandeur of Muslim history.
  • Madison


    Susanna Daniel learns to love a place that is indisputably in the Midwest.
  • osborne-novel-morocco-OV40-main-tease

    A Mystery from a Master

    Novelist Akhil Sharma says Lawrence Osborne’s second book, 'The Forgiven,' spins a haunting tale set in Morocco.
  • India Becoming

    Welcome to Modern India!

    We're in a golden age of writing about India, and Rob Verger, Jacob Silverman and Mythili Rao pick three essential new reads.
  • the-city-kolkata-OV50-main-tease

    Timelessness In Kolkata

    Novelist Chitra Divakaruni on the Bengali capital—in spite of 'Bollywoodization,' the city holds on to traditions.
  • books-tarun-tejpal-OM01-main

    A Wanted Man

    Inspired by his experiences, the fearless Indian journalist Tarun Tejpal tells 'The Story of My Assassins' in his new novel.
  • Damien Lewis

    Damian Lewis

    The ‘Homeland’ star on having a split personality.
  • the-city-leiden-OV50-jean-kwok

    Exploring Leiden on Two Wheels

    Novelist Jean Kwok remembers being perched on the luggage rack of her boyfriend’s bicycle, in a town of poetry and grace.
  • david-byrne-om03-main-tease

    Just Play It

    David Byrne has been performing all his life, so why not write about it? He talks to Malcolm Jones about 'How Music Works.'
  • The Revenge of Geography, by Robert D. Kaplan

    The Border is Vanishing

    Like it or not, Mexico is pushing north into the United States. A look at the future, from a new book by Robert D. Kaplan.
  • anna-wintour-fe02-main-tease

    What Does Anna Want Next?

    From celeb-filled fundraisers in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village to state dinners at the White House, rumors of political aspirations for the Vogue editrix are flying around town.
  • lee-child-wanted-om03

    American Hero

    The author of 'A Wanted Man' talks to Janice Kaplan about Tom Cruise's new role as Jack Reacher.
  • british-books-ov20-main

    Written Britain

    Katie Baker looks at a British Museum exhibit that explores the places intimately bound up with the literature of the United Kingdom.
  • cat-power-om02

    Meow! Cat’s Comeback

    Chan Marshall, better known as Cat Power, is a musician with a bit of baggage. Now she's 40 and embarking on a new chapter.
  • fine-print-david-cay-johnson-bookcover

    Disaster, American Style

    David Cay Johnston, author of 'The Fine Print,' says America's neglect of its infrastructure puts lives at risk.
  • the-city-san-diego-ov50

    San Diego

    Pulitzer-winning poet Rae Armantrout ponders a place whose lack of charisma can be called mysterious, with silence at its center.
  • small-museums-fe04-main-tease

    The Museum of the Future

    Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk explains why he built a museum dedicated to the glory and tragedy of one fictional couple’s love.
  • ira-glass-my01

    Ira Glass

    I’ve definitely had a f--ked up life in a lot of ways, but not because of big turning points where I made the wrong choice. It’s more like character flaws that played out slowly over time. The one exception was the decision to get a dog. That had a lasting effect.
  • armstrong-fe06-main-tease

    I Still Believe in Lance

    To hell with the doping charges. Lance Armstrong performed miracles. Stop tearing down our idols. Why I still believe.
  • the-city-rome-ov05

    Time Travel in Rome

    One day André Aciman stumbled into one of Rome’s 122 commemorative plaques -- and relived Rome's famous past.