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  • Why I Let Go of My Ivy League Dream

    Reaching is great, but be careful not to overlook a less-well-known winner. The more pragmatic choice might just turn out to be your ideal one, too.
  • Lose The Weight And Keep It Off: Mission Impossible?

        Last week was not a good week for Tyler.Tyler, a 24-year-old from South Carolina, writes the blog 344pounds.com, which documents his progress as he tries to lose weight. Since beginning the site in January, he’s lost 109.8 pounds, thanks to an intense exercise regime. (As part of a blog promotion, for instance, he performed over three hours of cardio one Friday night). But last week—his birthday week—he gained weight for the first time since beginning his blog, a fact he chalked up to lowered standards: watching TV, indulging on his birthday, and skipping the gym in favor of surfing the Web. “This week should show to you that if you don’t put in the work, you won’t lose the weight. It’s not rocket science. I’ve lost weight 26 weeks in a row without fail—the first week I give just a little bit of slack I gain half a pound,” Tyler then resolved to resume his arduous exercise routine and cut back on the junk food. His plan sounds both admirable and exhausting, and raises the ques...
  • What If G.I. Joe Were Gay?

    The new action movie isn't as bad as you think. It's much, much worse. An idea for how the filmmakers could've shaken up the franchise.
  • My Day Cooking as Julia Child

    Julia Child, the world's most-beloved chef, made it look so easy. But as I learned, it's hard to master the art of French cooking.
  • Sandra Lee: The Anti-Julia Child

    If you watch the cooking show Money Saving Meals, you'll see a svelte Sandra Lee working in an impressively clean kitchen. On the first episode, everything is white: the counters, the drawers, the bowls, even the KitchenAid mixer. So is the sweater she's wearing, which may not be a surprise, as Lee has developed a knack over her years on the Food Network of matching her appliances to whatever stylish outfit she has on. The kitchen is so pristine, you have to ask: is Lee actually cooking?
  • My Turn: Bikers & the City

    On July 8, 2005, I overslept, as usual, grabbed a quick gulp of orange juice on the way out the door, and arrived at my office on the other side of London in 20 minutes. For hours that day, I was the only person in the office and one of the few Londoners to arrive at work on time, if at all. You see, the day before, the city's public--transportation infrastructure was crippled by a terrorist attack. But I commuted by scooter.Motorcycles and scooters form an important part of the transportation landscape in London, allowing tens of thousands of people to get where they're going cheaply and quickly. In fact, bikes are deemed so advantageous to city life that London provides them free parking citywide, doesn't charge their riders a fee for entering the city center, and allows them access to bus lanes. The British government even provides cheap, easy, and widely available training to people who want to learn how to ride.Now I live in New York, the least bike-friendly city I know. Most...
  • Mike Ross, a Man From Hope

    Mike Ross is not exactly what you would call a colorful character, at least not in the context of national political theater. An Arkansas Democrat and five-term congressman, he is an amiable former state legislator and chief of staff to his state's lieutenant governor. Before the past few weeks, it is safe to say that few people outside Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District had heard of him, and you have to have been engaged in the details of the struggle over the president's health-care bill to have heard of him even now. But Ross—who is, inevitably, from Hope—is not a bad way to gauge where real people stand on the big questions being debated in Washington.And what do I mean by "real people"? Pretty much anybody who is not Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin. It is not news that there is often a disconnect between the topical and the truly long--lasting: there will always be human-interest stories or tabloid fare. (It all depends on your point of view. Some people wept when Michael...