• Sundance Gets Steamy!

    BDSM, orgies, porn, ménages à quatres, and more. What is up with Park City this year? By Marlow Stern.
  • Yours Ever, Plum

    The letters—and life—of P.G. Wodehouse, even if he claimed to 'ignore real life altogether.' Reviewed by Christopher Buckley.
  • All That Jazz

    Hong Kong-born chanteuse Karen Mok is ready to take the West by storm.
  • Tickling Our Minds

    Adam Phillips will make you think differently. Robert McCrum profiles the psychologist and literary critic.
  • Goodbye, Liz!

    Tina Fey’s iconic ‘30 Rock’ sings its swan song.
  • Dublin’s Literary Hot Spots

    The city has nurtured writers from Samuel Beckett to Seamus Heaney. Here are the places where you can follow their footsteps.
  • The Monster Metropolis

    William Dalrymple, the acclaimed history and travel author, writes about the messy megacity that he calls home.
  • Colm Toibin’s Dublin

    For the past 40 years the novelist has lived in one city. He talks to Henry Krempels about the literary birthplace of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce.
  • Clean or Green?

    The u.s. centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently launched the One and Only Campaign, an endeavor aimed not—as the name might suggest—at promoting marital monogamy, but ­rather at reducing the improper reuse of certain medical devices. By its estimate, well over 100,000 Americans in the last decade have been exposed to infections such as hepatitis and HIV because of unsafe injections, such as reused needles or vials of medicine that have been dipped into more than once. These exposures have resulted in dozens of increasingly well-publicized outbreaks, such as the 21 cases of hepatitis C spread from one dialysis center in New Jersey. Indeed, the CDC now has a website to keep the public informed of the latest trouble.
  • A Winter’s Tale

    From Lawrence Wright's expose of Scientology to Max Boot's history of guerilla warfare, Newsweek picks the year's must-reads.
  • ‘This Brother Needs Help’

    Tavis Smiley sounds off on Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ and how it flubs the history of American slavery.
  • Eunuchs of the Universe

    Tom Wolfe's searing indictment of how the world of finance went wrong and who the new Masters of the Universe are today.
  • A Lost Generation

    AIDS silenced the arts. Newsweek’s film critic recalls the toughest story of his career.
  • God is Great

    For one critic, the dearth of spirituality in art is a problem of biblical proportions.
  • Johnny’s World

    Japan’s elusive boy-band kingpin speaks out. By Robert Michael Poole
  • Hospitality MacGyver

    He calls it the War Room. Located behind 30-ton blast doors in a fallout shelter—built for Congress in the late 1950s and nicknamed “The Last Resort”—its walls are papered with plans, diagrams, and calendars that painstakingly plot out the minutes ’til the Big Day. Across the hall is a replica of the battle site, stocked with high-tech equipment and laid out inch-by-inch to resemble what he’ll find when he touches down on French soil.
  • The Mad One

    Kristen Stewart goes on the road with Kerouac. By Marlow Stern.