• Minneapolis

    Anne Panning charts the evolution of an earnest Midwestern metropolis.
  • Mistressville

    Ambitious and energetic, Shanghai more than merits the nickname Shang Kong. But the mainland city is co-opting more than just the colonial hub’s commercial savvy. Businessmen here are aping their Cantonese counterparts by keeping a bevy of on-demand girlfriends and paying their bills in exchange for their love and loyalty. Welcome to Shanghai’s newest neighborhood: Mistressville.
  • Prague

    Patricia Hampl on a gray streetscape that one day burst into color.
  • Does ‘Cloud Atlas’ Soar?

    A megawatt cast attempts to bring the grand scheme of David Mitchell's complex novel to life. Reviewed by film critic David Ansen.
  • Revolutionary Snark

    Nobel winner Mo Yan and the magical realism of China's micro-blogging platform Weibo. By Melinda Liu.
  • Poppin’ Bottles

    San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum can dodge a line drive, but the two-time Cy Young winner was no match for a cork that nailed him in the face in a postgame celebration caught on television.
  • Taylor Swift, Unplugged

    With the release of her fourth album, ‘Red,’ 22-year-old Swift sounds off on love and feminism.
  • Connie Britton

    The ‘Nashville’ star on getting yelled at by Ed Asner.
  • Tombstone Tourism

    In the last decade, people across the country have begun flocking to these old necropolises, lured by everything from photography workshops to movies.
  • Invisible Man

    Liu Bolin’s disappearing art has taken the Internet by storm.
  • Want to Win a Grammy?

    The indie bands seen below followed seven easy steps to stardom. Mimic them and you'll be well on your way to the main stage.
  • Illicit Loves

    Four new fall novels explore our desires and fears. By Jimmy So, Lucy Scholes and Nicholas Mancusi.
  • Ankara

    Elif Shafak discovers creativity just off Authoritarian Street.
  • Dwyane Wade

    The Miami Heat guard on the phone call that changed his life.
  • My Proof of Heaven

    When a neurosurgeon found himself in a coma, he experienced things he never thought possible—a journey to the afterlife.