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  • Obama: He's Just Like US!

    Well, technically no: Your Gaggler officially blows at basketball. But, Mr. President, we’ll take you at skee ball anyday. Here’s video of Obama shooting hoops earlier this week at the White House with the UConn Lady Huskies, who won the NCAA national championship a few weeks ago. And, yes, viewers, you are seeing it correctly: Obama sinks every basket.
  • 7 Things You Didn't Know About Kristin Chenoweth

    Broadway's beloved blonde bombshell is Kristin Chenoweth, who rocketed to fame as Glinda in "Wicked," has a new memoir out and made us all laugh as Reese Witherspoon's older sister in "Four Christmases."  She talks about her drug history, gives us a run-down on the size of her brain and sings us a famous showtune. Click the player to view!
  • Young Doctor Wants to Reinvent Health Care

    A young pediatrician turned entrepreneur says he's got a plan to save America's failing primary-care system. But critics say putting medicine online is only part of the solution.
  • A Call to Arms in the Epilepsy Fight

    'The Mystery of Epilepsy': Readers hailed our April 20 cover story on epilepsy, a devastating, and often misunderstood, disorder. A teenager confessed to feeling "now more understood and most importantly, more normal." While others related tales of triumph and tragedy, all underscored the need for increased funding and research. As for the stigma factor, one reader admitted to "only recently coming out of the closet." One mom said it best: "My daughter has more spunk and courage than a combat unit. She also happens to have epilepsy." ...
  • Matthew McConaughey's Many Girlfriends

    Matthew McConaughey has wooed Kate Hudson, Penélope Cruz (in real life, too) and Jennifer Lopez in movies. In "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," he's after Jennifer Garner. He spoke with Nicki Gostin: ...
  • Vulcans Never, Ever Smile

    A former ‘Trek’ writer spills some secrets, including the one about how the franchise survived for so long.
  • Jazzy Mash-Ups

    If Ellington went indie, he'd sound something like Darcy James Argue.
  • A Life in Books: Andre Dubus III

    A National Book Award finalist for his 1999 novel "House of Sand and Fog," Dubus is the author most recently of "The Garden of Last Days," a gripping tale of terrorists in Florida. His picks:
  • The Editor’s Desk

    The question is not as the extremes on either side would have it. Today, eight years after the attacks of September 11 and three months into a new presidential administration, should the country in some way look back to review the tactics that shaped the war on terror under President George W. Bush?The right loathes the idea; the left loves it. The release of Bush administration memos laying out the legal justification for what are known as enhanced interrogation tactics—or, in the popular vocabulary, as torture—is among the factors driving a new conversation about the wisdom of investigations. Conservatives tend to believe that this would amount to a criminalization of policy differences, possibly leading to the prosecution of officials who believed they were doing the right (and authorized) thing. Liberals are longing to take the Bush regime to account, and fantasize about Dick Cheney in the dock.For now, President Obama has, predictably, taken a middle course. He has banned the...