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  • Damien Lewis

    Damian Lewis

    The ‘Homeland’ star on having a split personality.
  • the-city-leiden-OV50-jean-kwok

    Exploring Leiden on Two Wheels

    Novelist Jean Kwok remembers being perched on the luggage rack of her boyfriend’s bicycle, in a town of poetry and grace.
  • david-byrne-om03-main-tease

    Just Play It

    David Byrne has been performing all his life, so why not write about it? He talks to Malcolm Jones about 'How Music Works.'
  • The Revenge of Geography, by Robert D. Kaplan

    The Border is Vanishing

    Like it or not, Mexico is pushing north into the United States. A look at the future, from a new book by Robert D. Kaplan.
  • anna-wintour-fe02-main-tease

    What Does Anna Want Next?

    From celeb-filled fundraisers in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village to state dinners at the White House, rumors of political aspirations for the Vogue editrix are flying around town.
  • lee-child-wanted-om03

    American Hero

    The author of 'A Wanted Man' talks to Janice Kaplan about Tom Cruise's new role as Jack Reacher.
  • british-books-ov20-main

    Written Britain

    Katie Baker looks at a British Museum exhibit that explores the places intimately bound up with the literature of the United Kingdom.
  • cat-power-om02

    Meow! Cat’s Comeback

    Chan Marshall, better known as Cat Power, is a musician with a bit of baggage. Now she's 40 and embarking on a new chapter.
  • fine-print-david-cay-johnson-bookcover

    Disaster, American Style

    David Cay Johnston, author of 'The Fine Print,' says America's neglect of its infrastructure puts lives at risk.
  • the-city-san-diego-ov50

    San Diego

    Pulitzer-winning poet Rae Armantrout ponders a place whose lack of charisma can be called mysterious, with silence at its center.
  • small-museums-fe04-main-tease

    The Museum of the Future

    Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk explains why he built a museum dedicated to the glory and tragedy of one fictional couple’s love.
  • ira-glass-my01

    Ira Glass

    I’ve definitely had a f--ked up life in a lot of ways, but not because of big turning points where I made the wrong choice. It’s more like character flaws that played out slowly over time. The one exception was the decision to get a dog. That had a lasting effect.
  • armstrong-fe06-main-tease

    I Still Believe in Lance

    To hell with the doping charges. Lance Armstrong performed miracles. Stop tearing down our idols. Why I still believe.
  • the-city-rome-ov05

    Time Travel in Rome

    One day André Aciman stumbled into one of Rome’s 122 commemorative plaques -- and relived Rome's famous past.
  • chrome-cars-nb51

    Shiny Objects

    When Justin Bieber was cited for reckless driving last month, the teen heartthrob claimed he was simply trying to avoid aggressive paparazzi. His car, however, made flying under the radar impossible. Bieber’s $110,000 Fisker Karma is custom coated with a mirrorlike chrome body wrap. It’s a look that’s currently all the rage among platinum-selling rappers such as Flo Rida—who chromed out his $2.4 million Bugatti Veyron—pro athletes, and other wealthy spotlight seekers like Scott Disick of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
  • 11-fall-books-om03-main-tease

    Fall’s Big Reads

    From Salman Rushdie’s years in hiding to Tom Wolfe’s first novel in eight years, Newsweek picks 15 must-have books.
  • david-foster-wallace-om03-main-tease

    A Writer Unravels

    David Foster Wallace was propped up by his friend Jonathan Franzen and bowled over by his infatuation with poet Mary Karr.
  • Jeddah

    Abdo Khal on a maternal metropolis that’s nurturing—and coveted.
  • egypt-cafe-OV01-main

    A Café for the Ages

    A symbol of continuity and perseverance, a Swiss patisserie in Cairo has served nobility and revolutionaries coffee and cakes.
  • 100-perfect-places-ov01-tease-alt

    10 Wonders of Istanbul

    Enjoy cocktails by one of history’s most important waterways and take in the magnificent sunsets of Turkey’s ancient metropolis.
  • 100-perfect-places-ov01-tease-alt

    Buenos Aires for Lovers

    Stroll down the iconic Avenida Corrientes or grab a table at Borges’s old haunt in the romantic Argentine capital.
  • 100-perfect-places-ov01-tease-alt

    10 Rustic Rome Spots

    Descend into history at the Basilica of San Clemente and enjoy the best coffee in the city.