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  • joe-posnanski-nb20

    Going Easy on Joe Pa?

    Will an ill-timed bio by feel-good sportswriter Joe Posnanski be too nice to Joe Paterno? By Tony Dokoupil.
  • Vince Gilligan

    Vince Gilligan

    On how his show ‘Breaking Bad’ almost didn’t happen.
  • Hope Solo

    “It Takes a Lot to Rattle Me”

    She lost her dad, had surgery, and tested positive for a banned substance. How Hope Solo survived—and put U.S. women's soccer in position to bring home gold.
  • morgan-freeman-OM02

    Morgan Freeman: The Brains of Batman

    The acclaimed actor opens up to Marlow Stern about ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ legalizing marijuana, and the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes rumors.
  • Generation Screwed

    Generation Screwed

    ‘Boomer America’ never had it so good. As a result, today’s young Americans have never had it so bad.
  • Koolhaas

    The Next World Wonder

    When the Olympics hits the airwaves, Beijing will be broadcasting them from this new $900 million architectural masterpiece.
  • Erotica

    More Shades Of Grey

    Publishing goes looking for S&M on the heels of the '50 Shades' craze that shows no sign of dying. By Lizzie Crocker.
  • kati-marton-OM03

    An Affair to Remember

    Kati Marton recounts her marriage to the late ambassador Richard Holbrooke and the anchor Peter Jennings. By Susan Cheever.
  • Safari

    Friend Me On Safaritube

    Clay Knight began his digital career by hacking into Deutsche Bank. Then Citi. Bank of America didn’t present too much trouble. Knight was one of the good guys: a double agent employed by the banks to penetrate the hacking community and work out the banks’ weaknesses. The anti-hacking software he helped develop was sold for $67 million: though after the venture capitalists got their money back, Knight only received enough to start up some small ventures of his own. He moved to a company that creates cutting-edge digital startups: always exploring, always hunting for that elusive “next big Internet thing.” But while the Facebooks and LinkedIns went mega, he could only look on.
  • mali-timbuktu-OVNB30

    Mali's Shattered Shrines

    From the moment the followers of Muhammad came roaring out of Arabia, in A.D. 633, they’ve cherished beautiful things. An exhibition that just closed at the Metropolitan Museum in New York showed how the first Muslims were inspired by glorious works from the Greek-speaking world, and their descendants never stopped being art-friendly.
  • tom-cruise-co04-daly-main-tease

    Father Tom?

    Long before Scientology, Cruise studied for the priesthood.
  • the-long-road-to-antietam-om04

    Brainy Beach Reads

    Skip your standard thriller and pack something deliciously enlightening. Newsweek picks eight books that will teach you something.
  • olympics-nb70-main-tease

    Game On

    Don’t like gymnastics? NBC is betting you’ll watch the Olympics anyway.
  • Denver International Airport

    Sky Cities

    Imagining the airport of the future as destination.
  • wesley-clark-co01

    Wesley Clark

    Watch out, Ryan Seacrest. Reality TV’s oddest new star.
  • spain-soccer-OV30-main

    Soccer’s Spanish Fury

    The Euro Cup winner’s passionate style has deep roots, says Jimmy Burns, author of the new book 'La Roja.'
  • nora-ephron-fe02-main-tease

    I’ll Have What She Had

    Nora Ephron: writer, filmmaker, maven, wit. James Atlas talks to Meryl Streep, Calvin Trillin, and more of Ephron's admirers.
  • martin-amis-fe04

    The Electroshock Novelist

    England's literary bad boy has always been fascinated by the dustbin empire. Now Martin Amis takes on American excess. By Sam Tanenhaus.
  • charlie-sheen-fe02-main-tease

    Charlie Sheen’s Last Stand

    Hollywood’s enfant terrible is back with a new show. Despite ‘Anger Management’, he’s still unhinged, unchanged, and unrepentant.
  • Works of Magdy El Shafee

    Mightier Than the Sword

    Magdy El Shafee, Egypt’s most famous cartoonist, reflects on the revolution. By Maya Jaggi.
  • emma-stone-om03

    Emma Stone, Revealed

    ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ star on her reality-TV origins, Ryan Gosling, and creating a teen advice column.
  • the-city-durban-OV50-lynn-freed

    The City: Durban

    Lynn Freed on a South African city of jacaranda trees and electric fences.
  • david-westin-OV20

    This Just in From HQ

    Former ABC News chief David Westin on network news in crisis and his book, ‘Exit Interview.’ By Marcus Wilford.
  • manchester-united-nb22


    Manchester United’s IPO is no winner.
  • newsroom-om02

    Broken News

    Aaron Sorkin’s chatty idealists invade cable TV.
  • nina-arianda-my01

    Nina Arianda

    The newly crowned Tony winner relives her mortifying wardrobe malfunction.
  • lanchester-book-om03

    We Want What You Have

    In his sweeping new novel, ‘Capital,’ John Lanchester delivers the London of the rich and precarious. He speaks to Craig Taylor.