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  • columist-favorites-brown

    Our Favorite Books of the Year

    From Tina Brown to Simon Schama to Michelle Goldberg, Newsweek and Daily Beast contributors and writers pick their favorite books of the year.
  • cancer-fe05sidebar-cell

    The Road to a Cure

    Unlike current treatments that attack both cancer cells and the immune system, vaccines rally the body's natural immune system to eliminate tumors.
  • bob-schieffer-nb20

    Interview: Bob Schieffer

    At 74, the new king of the Sunday shows calls himself an ‘old man.’ Here’s what keeps him in the hunt.
  • Ueno tube station

    How to Read Murakami

    Why we should stop looking for hidden meanings in the fantastical worlds of Japan’s cult novelist.
  • women-boxers-nicola-adams-OV11-tease

    Sting Like A Butterfly

    Female pugilists have battled for equal status in their sport. Now they’re primed to be the next Olympic superstars.
  • Angelina Jolie

    Angie Goes to War

    A war she didn't fully understand has inspired Angelina Jolie to get behind the camera for a love story set in Bosnia.
  • Movie Intouchables

    A Buddy Film for the Ages

    What do you get when you combine a young kid from the ghetto and a rich invalid? France’s new blockbuster.
  • holiday-movie-list-om02-ansen-intro-tease

    The Ultimate Movie Guide

    'Tis the season for spy thrillers, hidden gems, and a Jodie Foster meltdown. Sift through the theater with a critic's eye.
  • ralph-finnes-film-om03

    Shaking Up Shakespeare

    Ralph Fiennes’s passion project and directorial debut, ‘Coriolanus,’ modernizes The Bard.
  • alex-wek-hunger-nb40

    Alek Wek's Hunger Diary

    Africa is famished. America is fat. Sudanese-born model Alek Wek, now living in Brooklyn, knows both worlds. As told to Abigail Pesta.
  • narcissist-decade-cody-tease

    The Narcissist Decade

    Diablo Cody, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of ‘Juno,’ tells us why our culture embraces self-absorption.
  • sex-addiction-lee

    The Sex Addiction Epidemic

    It wrecks ­marriages, ­destroys ­careers, and saps self-worth. Yet ­Americans are being ­diagnosed as sex ­addicts in ­record numbers. Inside an epidemic.
  • Chef Brett Graham at the Ledbury

    Best Chef in London

    The Ledbury’s head chef Brett Graham may be modest, but he’s London’s best bet for an unforgettable dinner.
  • marion-goodman-fe06

    The Accidental Art Mogul

    Marian Goodman, tiny and softspoken, is one of the world's most powerful dealers. Her fortunes come from caring more about showing art than selling it. Blake Gopnik on her path to success.
  • hedy-lamar-book-om03

    Brainiest Bombshell

    How the world’s most beautiful woman helped invent GPS, Wi-Fi, and a homing torpedo.
  • rosanne-fe05

    Roseanne, the Pirate Queen

    Sure, menopause is hell. It saps your sex drive and puffs your ankles. But when it's over, you're calmer and more connected. Embrace it, sisters!
  • the-city-athens-haris-vlavianos-OV50


    Portrays an ‘unquiet’ people in a time of crisis.
  • want-winter-om04-intro

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    From a tabletop fireplace to the only shirt you’ll need on the weekend, Joe Zee recommends his winter essentials.
  • london-under-OV12

    What Lies Beneath

    In Peter Ackroyd’s latest book, the author uncovers London’s subterranean layers and hidden history.
  • drake-rap-om01-tease

    Drake Sounds Off

    As his latest album drops, Drake, the world’s only Jewish Canadian rapper, sounds off on his unlikely ascension into the mainstream.
  • regis-philbin-videos-teaser

    Live With Regis & Jerry

    Regis Philbin talks to Jerry Seinfeld about what makes a show last—and how to know when to quit.
  • Ai Weiwei

    The Voice Of Treason

    China's most famous dissident artist, Ai Weiwei, speaks out about the ordeal of his Detention.
  • paterno-dots-co01-tease

    Reform College Sports

    It isn’t just Penn State. College sports are a mess. It’s time to sideline them.
  • Ricki Lake

    Ricki Lake

    On falling hard for a jerk she met online.
  • Yemen Self portrait

    Arabia and the Single Girl

    When a young Canadian heads to Yemen, she finds effusive hospitality, an eager guide—and a marriage proposal.
  • travel scams

    Worst Travel Scams

    The costliest rip-offs can come from legitimate businesses. Here's what to watch for.
  • moscow-OV02-main

    Moscow Mon Amour

    Meet a mega-rich Pygmalion, his coarse ‘creation,’ and a romantic who battles the wrecking ball.