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  • james-bond-FE02-main

    Bond is Back

    Shake us. Stir us. James Bond is back and cooler than ever. The iconic spy at 50. By Simon Schama.
  • Butlers

    Jeeves at the Pierre

    Want a treadmill in your hotel room? Or egg whites at 4 a.m.? Meet New York's ‘royal attachés' who fulfill guests' every whim.
  • snack-food-FE04-main-tease

    The Snack-Food Trap

    Science is now proving what we’ve long suspected: we’re hard-wired to want the foods that are worst for us.
  • Among the Islands

    5 Armchair Getaways

    Is winter weather keeping you inside? From the Pacific Islands to the American West, these books will take your far, far away.
  • mistake-connie-britton-MY01-main-tease

    Connie Britton

    The ‘Nashville’ star on getting yelled at by Ed Asner.
  • taylor-swift-OM03-main

    Taylor Swift, Unplugged

    With the release of her fourth album, ‘Red,’ 22-year-old Swift sounds off on love and feminism.
  • Detroit Tigers

    Poppin’ Bottles

    San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum can dodge a line drive, but the two-time Cy Young winner was no match for a cork that nailed him in the face in a postgame celebration caught on television.
  • mo-yan-OVNB10-main-tease

    Revolutionary Snark

    Nobel winner Mo Yan and the magical realism of China's micro-blogging platform Weibo. By Melinda Liu.
  • cloud-atlas-OM01-main-tease

    Does ‘Cloud Atlas’ Soar?

    A megawatt cast attempts to bring the grand scheme of David Mitchell's complex novel to life. Reviewed by film critic David Ansen.
  • the-city-prague-OV50-main-tease


    Patricia Hampl on a gray streetscape that one day burst into color.
  • Shanghai


    Ambitious and energetic, Shanghai more than merits the nickname Shang Kong. But the mainland city is co-opting more than just the colonial hub’s commercial savvy. Businessmen here are aping their Cantonese counterparts by keeping a bevy of on-demand girlfriends and paying their bills in exchange for their love and loyalty. Welcome to Shanghai’s newest neighborhood: Mistressville.
  • tom-wolfe-OM02-main-tease

    Miami’s Bloody Streets

    Race, art, and crime seethe in Tom Wolfe’s new portrait of a metropolis. By Michael Moynihan.
  • Green-Wood Cemetery

    Tombstone Tourism

    In the last decade, people across the country have begun flocking to these old necropolises, lured by everything from photography workshops to movies.
  • Dwayne Wade

    Dwyane Wade

    The Miami Heat guard on the phone call that changed his life.
  • Ankara Turkey


    Elif Shafak discovers creativity just off Authoritarian Street.
  • silent house by orhan pamuk

    Illicit Loves

    Four new fall novels explore our desires and fears. By Jimmy So, Lucy Scholes and Nicholas Mancusi.
  • grammy-OM01sidebar-main.png

    Want to Win a Grammy?

    The indie bands seen below followed seven easy steps to stardom. Mimic them and you'll be well on your way to the main stage.
  • Liu Bolin

    Invisible Man

    Liu Bolin’s disappearing art has taken the Internet by storm.
  • catalonia-OV03-main-tease

    More Than Just a Club?

    Spain’s constitutional crisis detonated by Catalan moves toward independence has fueled an interesting debate over the future of one of the world’s most successful and best loved soccer clubs, FC Barcelona—or Barça, as it is affectionately called by its global fan base.
  • Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd’s Danger Zone

    The actor delivers a knockout turn as a Christian evangelical whose life spirals out of control in ‘Grace,’ a new Broadway play.
  • the-city-bankok-OV50-main


    John Burdett meditates on the multi-layered and mysterious Thai capital.
  • Red Bull

    Space Shot

    An energy drink’s latest extreme sport.
  • chinua-achebe-OM02-main

    Things Still Fall Apart

    The great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe has died at the age of 82. Novelist Uzodinma Iweala celebrates his memoir of the Biafran war.
  • newsweek-oct-15-cover-tease

    My Proof of Heaven

    When a neurosurgeon found himself in a coma, he experienced things he never thought possible—a journey to the afterlife.
  • Islamic Galleries

    Honoring the Art of Empires

    In a time of turmoil, the Louvre’s new Islamic galleries offer up a reminder of the complexity and grandeur of Muslim history.
  • Madison


    Susanna Daniel learns to love a place that is indisputably in the Midwest.
  • osborne-novel-morocco-OV40-main-tease

    A Mystery from a Master

    Novelist Akhil Sharma says Lawrence Osborne’s second book, 'The Forgiven,' spins a haunting tale set in Morocco.
  • India Becoming

    Welcome to Modern India!

    We're in a golden age of writing about India, and Rob Verger, Jacob Silverman and Mythili Rao pick three essential new reads.
  • the-city-kolkata-OV50-main-tease

    Timelessness In Kolkata

    Novelist Chitra Divakaruni on the Bengali capital—in spite of 'Bollywoodization,' the city holds on to traditions.
  • books-tarun-tejpal-OM01-main

    A Wanted Man

    Inspired by his experiences, the fearless Indian journalist Tarun Tejpal tells 'The Story of My Assassins' in his new novel.
  • Damien Lewis

    Damian Lewis

    The ‘Homeland’ star on having a split personality.