The Day There Would Be No

The trouble with

Once there was a magazine called New York. For years, New York magazine and its network of blogs were heralded for building a stellar web presence to match its print product—until the day it had no web presence at all.

That was today, at around noon, when, pop culture companion and fashion blog faded into the ether of a generic Network Solutions banner page, like so:

Which means that, yes, NYMag’s IT team either has bills to pay or is very belatedly protesting that SOPA bill from like two years ago or is moving forward with a redesign so starkly retro it can hardly be understood until 2017. Gawker has swiftly offered to take the domain off of NYMag’s hands, and Media Twitter has risen to the occasion:

As of now, at least, the EMTs are standing by and NYMag seems to be showing signs of a pulse, lest it show up in another one of Yahoo!’s domain garage sales:

Come back soon, NYMag!