From the Department of Crossing that Bridge Before You Come to It

SANFORD, Fla.--Amid his typical remarks here at the Avion Jet Center at Sanford-Orlando International Airport----illegal immigration, the economy, taxes--Mitt Romney managed to slip in a little surprise.

"John McCain is a hero," he said. "But his views on the economy are I think something summed up by his own statement: it's not really something he understands that well. He said that a couple of times and even said that when he chose his vice president, it'd have to be somebody who really understood the economy." Dramatic pause. "Well, I do understand the economy."

The line earned him his loudest and longest applause of the rally. But the punchline was yet to come. Ten seconds later, when the cheering died down, Romney cracked a smile.

"And I'm not going to be vice president to John McCain, either." 

Rejected! We're sure Mac will cry himself to sleep tonight over that one.

Mike Huckabee, on the other hand...