Driving the Little Boxster that Could

Porsche may be a luxury brand, but its entry-level Boxster is anything but a cheap version of the real thing. And if you're worried about fuel consumption, the 2007 Boxster has improved economy, besting the majority of the cars on the road.

Handling: The Boxster handles like nothing else in its class. It is perfectly balanced, weighted 50-50 front and rear, and responds the way the driver wants it to. Climb in, secure the seat belt and wear this car.

Convertible top: Unlike many cars' tops that can't be put up or down while in motion, the Boxster's automatic roof can be activated at speeds below 40mph. Great for when the rain starts to fall.

Trunk: Though the Boxster is a two-seater, there's plenty of trunk room, front and back, owing to the car's mid-engine placement.

Mileage: 23mpg city, 32 highway

Engine: 2.7-liter, V-6

Price: $45,600