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    How to Raise a Global Kid

    Taking Tiger Mom tactics to radical new heights, these parents are packing up the family for a total Far East Immersion.
  • Miracle Workers

    Every high school has hope. Here are the places doing more with less.
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    Education Inc

    Center for Public Integrity's map of educational data.
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    How Ignorant Are Americans?

    NEWSWEEK gave 1,000 Americans the U.S. Citizenship Test--38 percent failed. The country's future is imperiled by our ignorance.
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    Forget About Your Dream School

    It’s nail-biting time for high-school seniors across the country as they wait to see if the fat envelope will show up. With many schools seeing a flood of applicants—Harvard expects to offer admission to a record-low 6 percent—the odds of rejection are climbing. Here’s a look at likely acceptance rates for some key groups of schools compared with five years ago, based on the number of applications received and the estimated offers available.
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    Will: How a Tight Budget Can Improve Education

    Funding for grades K through 12 comes in large measure from property taxes, and the housing crash depressed property valuations. But budget problems confronting municipalities can, Duncan thinks, have benefits because “when you’re flush, you keep doing the same things.”
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    When School Reformers and Union Leaders Unite

    In Hillsborough County, home of Tampa and St. Petersburg, the president of the teachers’ union is not the avowed enemy of reform. In fact, she’s a member of the leadership team.
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    Is the Cost of College a Bargain?

    For more than two decades, as the cost of college has climbed at twice the rate of inflation, critics have argued that bloated bureaucracies, overpaid faculty, and unnecessary amenities are inflating tuition.
  • Alter: Education Is Top Priority for Gates

    There’s a backlash against the rich taking on school reform as a cause. Some liberals figure they must have an angle and are scapegoating teachers. But most of the wealthy people underwriting this long-delayed social movement for better performance are on the right track.
  • A Push to Bring Bible Studies to All 50 States

    The average American can’t answer basic questions about world religion, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey, which prompted renewed calls for religious study in public schools. In many states, however, that education already exists. The overall numbers are still small, with about 10 percent of schools featuring academic courses in religion, usually focused on the Bible. But the last five years have seen the first major expansion in decades. More than 40 states have districts that teach academic Bible study; five of them have passed laws to encourage it, offering, in some cases, curricula guidelines or public funds.
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    What's Michelle Rhee's Next Mission?

    What’s next for Michelle Rhee? The combative Washington, D.C., schools chancellor resigned last week following September’s primary defeat of her boss, Mayor Adrian Fenty. “Not being in this role is heartbreaking,” she said. But, she tells NEWSWEEK, “everyone in the city needs to embrace reform, and that couldn’t happen while I am in the picture.” This does not mean, however, that she’s done working on the issue.