Embed Codes for Oscar Roundtable 2011

Nicole Kidman, Hot Pants, and Fave Flicks
The 'Rabbit Hole' actress shares what movie made her shake it. Plus: Natalie Portman's 'Dirty Dancing' dreams.

Sex-Scene Secrets
How do actors craft a convincing love scene? Well, for starters, some just ... do it.

James Franco's Sex Tape

When it comes to home movies, the '127 Hours' star reveals "what feels good doesn't always look good."


Working With James Franco's Nana

The difficulties of acting with "real people."

Calm Down, Nicole
Kidman's childhood secret spilled. Plus: what the Royal Family thinks of 'The King's Speech.'

Broken Bones or Broken Fingernails?
The actors' surprise answers to their most painful on-the-job injuries.

Michelle Williams on Playing Marilyn: Va-Va-Voom!

The 'Blue Valentine' actress will star as Marilyn Monroe in a new film. Williams discusses learning to sing, walk, and wiggle like the famed actress.

Natalie Portman's Facebook Secrets
What the 'Black Swan' star revealed to 'The Social Network' screenwriter Aaron Sorkin about what student life is really like at Harvard.

TV High: The Best Job I Ever Had
One of our Roundtable actors divulges an unlikely favorite gig.

Babying Colin
How the 'King's Speech' actor gets special treatment on set.

Annette Bening's Motherly Advice for Mom-to-Be Natalie Portman

The star of 'The Kids Are All Right' was eight months pregnant during the 2000 Academy Awards, when she was nominated for best actress. Her tips for preggers Portman.