Fake Goldman Sachs Elevator Tweeter Loses His Book Deal

Goldman Sachs
John LeFevre, the man behind the popular @GSElevator Twitter handle, never worked at the company Brendan McDermid/Reuters

The man behind @GSElevator, who was revealed last month to not work at Goldman Sachs at all, has lost the book deal he obtained while still publicly pretending to tweet from inside the Goldman elevator.

“In light of information that has recently come to our attention since acquiring John Lefevre's STRAIGHT TO HELL, Touchstone has decided to cancel its publication of this work,” says a statement from Simon & Schuster’s Touchstone imprint. A representative of the company declined to elaborate.

LeFevre, for his part, sounds blindsided. In the New York Times story that broke the news that he was actually just some guy in Texas, the book’s editor said Simon & Schuster was never in the dark about his identity.

"It's just a comical mystery to me," LeFevre told Business Insider on Thursday. "As of Friday afternoon, after all of the noise - during which Simon & Schuster prohibited me from responding and defending myself - they have continued to support me and stand by our project. Well, until today apparently."

Perhaps it has something to do with an open letter posted this week alongside a picture of Lefevre wielding some large guns, in which he declared that being outed had “always been part of the plan,” and insisted that the twitter feed wasn’t pure fiction. He had, after all, really totaled a Maserati he purchased while drunk: “I tweeted about totaling a new Maserati, which is something that actually happened to me. I should have seen it coming; I was so intoxicated when I bought the car (just 5 days previously) that the dealership had to drive me home in it,” Lefevre wrote.