Spring break is coming up--the perfect time to take your child to an art museum. But how do you get a videogame addict to appreciate Cezanne? Carol Weston, author of the new tween novel "Melanie in Manhattan" (Knopf. $15.95), in which the main character explores New York City cultural institutions, explains how to get them excited.

Less is more. Don't attempt a full day of museumgoing. Instead, plan just one hour. "It's smart to leave before your kids start begging to leave," she says.

Start at the gift shop. Before you hit the galleries, buy each child a postcard or two; then go on a reverse treasure hunt.

Talk about it. Ask questions like: "If you could hang a painting on your wall, which would it be and why?"

DIY (draw it yourself). Pack a pad of paper and colored pencils so your kids can sketch their favorites. The homemade postcards will help them remember the paintings for years to come.