If getting dressed is just too much trouble, consider Lisa Crawford's approach: the 37-year-old billing clerk from Johnstown, Ohio, wanders around in her pajamas at the mall, the movies, work--even when she picks up her daughter at school. "They look awesome," she says. Apparently, other women agree. SBH Intimates has launched Scanty, a brand of public-use PJs. They come in the snug cuts associated with women's jeans and sit lower on the waistline. "It gives the butt more of a curve," says Scanty creator Mickey Sills. Instead of moon-and-cloud patterns, he uses vintage T-shirt designs with peace signs or a pirate's skull-and-crossbones.

Could this be a sleeper hit? The $3.8 billion women's sleepwear industry is facing "quite a bit of competition for shelf space," says Julia Cardis, an analyst for market-research group Mintel. The next front in the what-to-wear-to-bed battle may have its roots in the gym: the brand Karen Neuburger recently started using the fabric from workout clothes to "hold moisture away from the body and keep you cool," says Neuburger. For now, 47-year-old Debbie Gothelf, of Calabasas, Calif., will continue wearing PJs in public. Right on, Debbie: don't go changing.