First Hour of Health-Care Summit in Eight Tweets

Members of Congress are about an hour into the much-anticipated bipartisan health-care-reform summit. We have gotten preliminary speeches from the president, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Lamar Alexander, who has thus far emerged as the most outspoken Republican at the summit.

But, perhaps not surprisingly for Congress, while they have talked a lot they have not really said much at all, largely repeating familiar talking points. In fact, you can distill the first hour of the summit into just eight tweets, a mere 121 words, courtesy of this morning's most prolific health-care-summit tweeters:


TheHyperFix: Obama is trying to show some bipartisan leg...mentions how he has read a bunch of the GOP proposals.#HCR

wonkroom: Obama: "I hope this isn't political theater... Instead we are actually trying to solve the problem" #hcr #bipartisansummit

: If there was ANY doubt that Summitstock is TOTALLY political theater, Lamar!'s comments pretty much clear that up. #HCR

Ktumulty: First bad sign: They are already talking process. #hcr

: Reid: "I say to my friend Lemar, you are entitled to your opinion, but not your own set of facts" #bipartisansummit

ezraklein: I don't think Harry Reid got the memo on pretending to be bipartisan.

brianbeulter: Mr. President, imma let you finish, but I've got the greatest misinterpretation of CBO analysis OF ALL TIME! #lamaralexander

An hour into the health-care-summit, I think a lot of us can agree with Matt Yglesias's tweet: "#hcr summit not only boring, also streaming live! #BoCamWouldBeBetter"