Five People Who Made Nancy Pelosi's S--t List Last Night

Joe (YOU LIE!!!!) Wilson may be getting all of the attention in Washington today, but who will ever forget that death glare that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot Wilson moments after he unleashed his id on President Obama? Talk about withering─no wonder Wilson looked so shaky when he went before reporters this morning. This is why we enjoy watching Pelosi so much whenever Obama gives a big speech before Congress. She hovers over his shoulder in that big brown chair, trying to smile and act cheery. Sometimes Pop-Up Pelosi’s outbursts of enthusiasm seem truly genuine. But when someone annoys her, even just a little bit, she can’t hide it. After all, we’re talking about a lady who likes to run a tight ship, and those who cross her … well, she lets them have it. Last night was no exception: sitting over Obama’s left shoulder, Pelosi bounced between moments of smiling and seething. And while Republicans were her primary annoyance, she shot some fairly telling looks to Democrats, too. Who officially made Pelosi’s s--t list last night? Where do we begin?

Joe Wilson. This is a given. That look Pelosi shot Wilson has to go down as one of the all-time dirtiest looks we’ve ever seen on national television. And this is saying a lot, as your Gaggler grew up watching '80s nighttime soaps. Speaker Pelosi, Joan Collins has nothing on you. And we mean that in a good way.

Blue-dog Dems. Let’s face it: these folks have been a pain in Pelosi’s backside for months now. They’ve been antsy about the cost of the health-care bill and worried about the public plan. Rep. Mike Ross, their chief negotiator on health care, was against the public plan, then he suggested he would vote for it and then announced earlier this week that he wouldn't support any bill that included it—wavering that hasn’t exactly pleased the Pelosi camp. Last night, Pelosi glanced a few times in Ross’s direction, especially when he didn’t immediately stand up and applaud with other Dems when Obama declared that he would hold insurance companies “accountable.”

Louie Gohmert. Who? Yeah, we didn’t know his name, and Pelosi probably didn’t either. But Gohmert, a three-term congressman from Texas, is the Republican who was waving the handwritten poster in the air that read WHAT PLAN? on one side and WHAT BILL? on the other. Props? Judging by the you’ll-be-sleeping-with-the-fishes look on Pelosi’s face when she spotted Gohmert’s sign, she didn’t like them.

Tom Price. You may have seen House Republicans waving what looked to be reports in the air. Well, that was the doing of Price, chairman of the Republican Study Committee. Those papers were actually copies of health-care bills that the GOP lawmakers have introduced in Congress this year. The idea is that the House Repubs would quietly wave the documents in the air if Obama suggested Republicans had no plans or when he talked about being open to GOP suggestions. Pelosi shot the stink eye in the direction of her GOP colleagues more than once, and it looked like it was at the bill wavers. But then again, she could have been looking at Minority Whip Eric Cantor, who got busted by TV cameras typing away on his BlackBerry during the speech. Cantor is probably in the dog house with Pelosi for that, but it's worth noting Obama, who has owned up to his own BlackBerry addiction, probably didn't mind.

Whoever it was on the Dem side who clapped enthusiastically when Obama mentioned the idea of a single-payer health-care plan. Was that you, Anthony Weiner? Someone got pretty excited when Obama mentioned that the left liked the idea of introducing a Canadian-style health-care plan in the U.S., and Pelosi didn’t look pleased. While it’s not included in the plan Obama pitched last night, the threat that we might be adopting Canadian health care has been one of the scare tactics making the rounds. That clapping probably set off another round of conspiracies.

Did we miss anyone? Send us your nominees for the Nancy Pelosi s--t list by e-mailing us at okieandaussie at or leave your suggestion in the comments.