Enjoy the fruits of summer while you can. We asked James Parker, a Whole Foods Market produce expert, for help.

Apricots: Their season is virtually over. "We did not have a good year."

Top pick: "Some small varieties" are still tasty. But you'd do better with another fruit.

Strawberries: Look for a deep red, without white coloring around the stem.

Top pick: Camarosa strawberries are widely available and "have a good flavor."

Plums: Take a whiff. "If you can get a scent," you're in for a treat.

Top pick: The pluot, a hybrid of the plum and apricot, "concentrates sugar a lot better."

Peaches: In late summer, they should be firmer and smell peachy.

Top pick: Find out where it was grown and "stay close to your geographic area." Watermelon: Hit the melon. It should sound like you're thumping your chest.

Top pick: Yellow doll, a watermelon with yellow flesh, "retains its texture very well."