Fresh-Flower Eggs and a Wearable Camera

Andreas Verheijen

Fresh Fabergé

Easter Eggs don’t need chocolate inside—like this arrangement by flower engineer Andreas Verheijen.
Price upon request;









Knit the Queen
Elizabeth II turns 85 on April 21. A new book, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, will teach you how to purl her pearls. (Corgis are extra credit.)




audi-bike-om07-INLINE Courtesy of Audi



Good Wood
Ride this around New York, and you’ll need a Kryponite lock. Audi has partnered with Renovo to produce sleek two-wheelers featuring hardwood frames.




GoPro-om07-INLINE Courtesy of GoPro

Say Hello to GoPro
The GoPro HERO is the world’s smallest (and most portable) 3D camera. Tie it to the tip of your surfboard or wear it on your ski helmet.



Burberry-OM07-inline Maurits Sillem / Courtesy of Burberry

Second Skin
It may not work for the rain, but Burberry’s Bay Leaf Python Trench (with a studded collar) is in high demand: there are only five left in the United States.