Friday Caption Contest: Cake Walk

Eric Thayer / Getty Images


Matt Treski, via Facebook
"Note to self: shoot your agent."


Marcus L White, via Facebook
"Mini Me turns his life around and becomes a professional athlete."

Eric Grimes, via Facebook
"Everythings bigger in Texnis."

Mike Stobe for Getty Images

There is nothing but doom and gloom in political news these days, but at the US Open this week, life was a cake walk. An Ace of Cakes walk that is. Duff Goldman, from the hit Food Network show, looks like he needs a little more practice if the likes of Rafael Nadal are going to be on the other side of the net. Tell us in the comments below what you think this racket is all about (pun intended) and we will announce the best entries next week.

Past Contest Winners

Week of Aug. 27: McCain and the Cowboy

Eric Grimes, via Facebook

"So I get to go back in time and not pick Sara Palin as VP and you get my soul? Deal!"

Larry Peters, via

"If Cindy asks, Snooki and me are just friends."
Mike Phillips, via

"... and the horse you rode in on!"


Week of Aug. 20: Obamas on Vacation

tease-caption-contest Susan Walsh / AP

Alessandro Bartoletti, via Facebook
“Her putts are sinking faster than our economy!”

Rick Reinacher,  via Facebook
“Check out Boehner's new spray tan.”

Gulserene Dastur, via Facebook
“Bo! Bring that ball back here at once!”