Friday Caption Contest: Peace Talks

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images


Tiff Wimberly, via Facebook
“Red Rover, Red Rover ... send Hillary right over!”


Dave Monsma, via Facebook
Her smile says it all: "Hey, Bill ... Look what I can do, and I'm not even president."

Christine Johnson, via
“Eat your heart out, Palin.”

As Obama’s summer of discontent marches into autumn, Hillary Clinton is looking rather pleased with herself. Perhaps she finally found the silver lining to losing the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination: enabling potentially history-making peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. And without being taunted by low approval ratings. Is that what she is thinking in this picture? We asked you to tell us what’s on Hillary’s mind.

Past Contest Winners

Week of Aug. 27: McCain and the Cowboy

friday-caption-contest-mccain-wide-DEEP Eric Thayer / Getty Images

Eric Grimes, via Facebook

"So I get to go back in time and not pick Sara Palin as VP and you get my soul? Deal!"

Larry Peters, via

"If Cindy asks, Snooki and me are just friends."
Mike Phillips, via

"... and the horse you rode in on!"


Week of Aug. 20: Obamas on Vacation

tease-caption-contest Susan Walsh / AP

Alessandro Bartoletti, via Facebook
“Her putts are sinking faster than our economy!”

Rick Reinacher,  via Facebook
“Check out Boehner's new spray tan.”

Gulserene Dastur, via Facebook
“Bo! Bring that ball back here at once!”