Gadgets: MP3, Reloaded

Most music lovers prefer to own their tunes, but more than a million subscribe to "the celestial jukebox"--paying a fee for unlimited plays from a vast catalog of songs. That number may increase with the Sansa e200R digital music player, designed to work with the Rhapsody subscription service. It's similarly shaped but not as slick as the iPod nano, and priced roughly the same ($180 for a 4-gigabyte model, $250 for 8 gigs). Once you get it and sign up with the Rhapsody-powered Best Buy Digital Music Store, you can load any song or album you choose and also sign up for constantly updating "channels" of your favorite micro-genre (Christian hip-hop, French lounge music). As long as you keep paying the $15 monthly fee, your pocket-size celestial jukebox will keep feeding you the latest and the greatest.