No one wants to lose an expensive camera at the beach. Why not shoot your next trip with a disposable? Here are the latest upgrades: the CVS Digital One-Time-Use Camera ($19.99). It comes with a 1.4-inch LCD screen that lets you preview pictures and delete bad ones. The big downside is that you have to find a CVS store to develop your pictures. The first one we visited said the technician who knew how to work the machine was out of town. Kodak Zoom ($11.99). You can snap shots from where you stand, or zoom in to get 35 percent closer. Take this with you to the amusement park--the crowds might not let you get that close to Buzz Lightyear. Fujifilm QuickSnap True Definition ($15.99). This camera comes with high-end film, the company says, that captures colors better with sharper details. To our untrained eyes, the photos we developed didn't seem any different. But it's the easiest to operate.

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