Girl Watching

More than the usual party poseurs showed up at last week's Love Ball 2-an event that brings drag balls out of Harlem and into high society. At the giddy, no-holds-barred affair, which raised $1 million for DIFFA, Designer Industries Foundation for AIDS, teams of voguers paraded before judges, striking poses and flaunting outre outfits. Black, white and Latino transvestites shared dressing rooms with real-life Rockettes. Chanel-suited fashion-industry heavies preened beside ordinary fashion victims. Star voguer Willi Ninja posed and Cyndi Lauper and Brooke Shields came in drag. Even at $4,500 for some tables, the party sold out-perhaps because of the popularity of Jennifer Livingston's documentary on the Harlem drag balls, "Paris is Burning." Or maybe boys just will be girls.