Gold Digger Reacts to the Oscar Nominations: Surprises, Snubs and Snores


OK it's the crack of dawn--like 8:25 a.m.--and we're up to watch the Oscar nominations announced live! I hope hope hope Brad Pitt is nominated for either "Benjamin Button" or "Burn After Reading," and not just because we invited him to Newsweek's Oscar roundtable, on stands Monday. I'm also excited for Anne Hathaway, who I followed--as a journalist!--at Toronto, where "Rachel Getting Married" premiered, and the crowds yelled "Oscar! Oscar!" at her as she left the theater.

Here's the president of the Academy Sid Ganis, and Forrest Whitaker:

(1) Amy Adams get in for best supporting actress over Kate Winslet for "The Reader." So much for Winslet's chances of winning two Oscars in the same year.

(2) No Dev Patel in "Slumdog Millionaire." Does that mean he could land in lead? (No.) When was the last time a movie won best picture with no acting nominations? Was it "Crash"? Michael Shannon gets in instead for "Revolutionary Road"

(3) Best actress, the big whoa category. They snub Kate Winslet for ... Kate Winslet. She gets in for "The Reader," not "Revolutionary Road," which she had been campaigning herself for. The other big surprise is that they nominate both Angelina Jolie for "The Changeling" and Melissa Leo for "Frozen River," but no Sally Hawkins for "Happy-Go-Lucky."

(4) Best actor, and it's Richard Jenkins for "The Visitor" over Clint Eastwood for "Gran Torino." Clint's love affair with the Academy is over. Brad Pitt is in! He and Angie are now an Oscars couple.

(5) And best picture ... has a big shock. "No Dark Knight." But "The Reader" gets in. I can live with that. "The Reader" is the better film, but I bet the Batman fans are bummed.