Great Political-Ad Watch: Ben Quayle Edition

We at the Gaggle have been in a bit of a post-primary funk. With the likes of Tim James, Basil Marceaux, and Dale Peterson knocked out of their races, we thought we might be back to the old routine when it comes to ads. But fear not! Ben Quayle saves the day with this excellent spot. With bleak shadows, long pauses, and words of warning, suffice it to say this ain't "morning in America." "Barack Obama ... is the worst president ... in history," he intones. "What's happened to America?"

Quayle, who is the son of former vice president and famous speller Dan Quayle, is running for the House seat currently held by Arizona's John Shadegg. His campaign has been a bit of a roller coaster the last couple of days. First, liberal blogs tried to score a coup by pointing out that although he has no children, there were two pictured with him in a mailer. But Quayle fired back, quite reasonably, that they were his nieces. Point: Quayle.

Yesterday, however, the roll-out of this ad was a bit clouded by the revelation—initially denied, then conceded—that Quayle wrote for a mildly vulgar Web site of the frat-boy variety a few years ago. That might cast doubt on his earnest assertion that he "was raised right," but it can't take away from the greatness of this ad.