Green Rankings 2011: 30 Greenest Tech Companies, From Google to IBM


Tech companies—both software and hardware makers—topped Newsweek’s Green Rankings this year. In part, that’s because the industry is inherently low-impact, compared with, say, utilities. A green ethos is baked into the culture of many tech firms, and these companies compete on their sustainability measures—greening their operations and their products.

To compile the ranking of the greenest companies in tech, we filtered Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings—a list designed to cut through the green chatter—and compared the environmental footprint, management (policies, initiatives, controversies), and transparency of the biggest companies on the planet. We partnered with two leading environmental research organizations, Trucost and Sustainalytics to conduct this study, and the methodology was developed in consultation with an advisory panel of corporate sustainability experts.

Plus, see the full global ranking of all 500 companies.