Grow the Market

Last year MIT computer guru Nicholas Negroponte started his One Laptop per Child initiative to bring computing to the world's poor. Chipmaker Intel wouldn't participate in the program, opting instead to introduce its own machine for the masses—the Classmate PC. It's a much more luxurious device than Negroponte's—it comes with a one- or two-gigabyte flash hard drive and a WiMAX chip for networking. To persuade schools to buy the $300 PC, Intel will provide training to 10 million teachers over the next five years. (It will also donate 100,000 PCs.) The firm has collaborated with a handful of countries, including Thailand, Turkey and Ireland, to create online educational programs for science and math. "We're growing the market together—that's the concept," says Intel VP John Davies. Intel plans to ship hundreds of thousands of PCs to 30 countries this year.