He Says And She Says

It's not called "the battle of the sexes" for nothing. And pollsters, like everyone else, have tried to get to the bottom of the gender wars. The findings? Men and women think differently. Big surprise. Some of the results: 75% of women said if they were to have a couples massage they'd want it with their significant other; 53% of men agreed. But 13.2% chose Halle Berry (Hyatt Resorts). Not that women always give the right answer. While 25% of both men and women say that if their partner were a flower he or she would be a rose, because "everyone loves them," women are three times more likely to pick poison ivy--"riddled with contagious wit and sarcasm" (Pro-flowers, Inc.). Maybe they're just being grouchy. 43% of women say their friends think they're a grouch in the morning--a full 10% more grouchy women than men (eMode). That might be because, while men are chatting on their cell phones, which they do 14% more than women (Cingular Wireless), women are stuck doing 20% more laundry than men (Tide). But it seems nothing can bring the sexes together faster than a nice Porsche. The No. 1 car males and females wanted to be seen in was a sports car; 1% of men chose a station wagon or minivan (Lugz). But don't expect common ground when picking office furniture. Men put big desks first and women put big desks last when ranking what they believe is most prestigious in the office. Women opt for furniture that matches (HON Co.). Speaking of offices... 90% of men 18-24 would date a co-worker; 64% of women 18-24 would (Lycos). But not if he reminds them of good ole Dad. 57% of women say they don't date men with qualities similar to their fathers'. Guys are more Oedipal: 59% say they date women similar to their mothers (Match.com). And if it works out? 70% of men welcome the idea of women's proposing marriage; 48% of women say they'd be willing to pop the question (Korbel). Maybe we can all just get along after all.