Hilary's Next Four Years With China

The global response to team Obama's nomination of Hillary Clinton for secretary of state has been largely positive, thanks in part to fond memories of Bill and in part to an "anybody but Bush" mentality. But one nation may soon find itself longing for the Bush fils years: China, long a target of Clinton's because of its economic practices and human-rights violations.

"Clinton's focused a significant portion of her campaign rhetoric on China's economic impact on the U.S., which she says is causing a 'slow erosion of our own economic sovereignty'," says the Council on Foreign Relations' Joanna Klonsky. Klonsky notes that Clinton cosponsored the Foreign Debt Ceiling Act of 2005, which the senator said would "start breaking our reliance on China"; and in April of this year, she released a plan to crack down on China's "unfair" trade practices. She's also said she would consider a tariff on Chinese goods. For Beijing, the next four years look a whole lot chillier.