Hot Spot: 1884 Mendoza, Argentina

Located in a former bodega that is home to the biggest wine barrel in the province, 1884 may be the city's biggest attraction and draws serious foodies from all over the world.

Ambience: The charming inner courtyard houses several tables amid sculpted trees and a wood-fired oven. But don't fret if you can't score one of those; the interior dining rooms—with their plush chairs, marble floors and floor-to-ceiling draperies—are elegant and comfortable.

Food: Internationally acclaimed chef Francis Mallmann blends Patagonian and French cuisines, using fresh local ingredients to change the menu every two weeks. For starters, pumpkin gives an appealing new twist to traditional bruschetta. As an entree, the roast suckling pig is irresistible, with crisp skin giving way to the tender meat beneath.

Dessert to die for: Though it's hard to pick from all the visually stunning choices, we wouldn't miss the delectable caramelized, sugarcoated lemon tart with sorbet.

Wine list: The selection is dominated by the local wineries diners may have visited during the day. But no one can go wrong with a nice Malbec—especially with the famed Argentine beef.