Hugh Jackman Talks Tony

On Sunday, Hugh Jackman returns for the third consecutive year to host the Tony Awards (CBS, 8 p.m. ET). Last year, the boy from Oz embarrassed Sarah Jessica Parker by pulling her on stage for a shimmy. Who's his next victim? Jackman won't say. But in a recent conversation with NEWSWEEK's Ramin Setoodeh, he discussed his plans to return to Broadway, whether he'll be cast as the next James Bond and why he keeps his own Tony in storage.

NEWSWEEK: You're becoming the Billy Crystal of the Tony Awards?

Hugh Jackman: Ironically, he will be there this year. He got nominated [for "700 Sundays"].

Are you going to call him on stage if he loses?

You never know. People presume Sarah Jessica Parker last year was a plant. But I think if I asked her to do it, she might have conveniently found herself in the bathroom.

Where do you keep the Tony you won last year for "The Boy from Oz?"

Right now, it's in storage.


Well, because my whole life is in storage. I'm homeless at the moment. We're still looking for an apartment to buy here in New York. So until we have that, it's in a very special box in storage.

How's the broker?

Very good, thank you. She's doing a great job and we're frustrating her to know end. You know, we just want Times Square with an ocean view.

So you are coming back to Broadway?

I hope so. I'm working on a couple of ideas. The funny thing was, after we finished, we went on holiday to South Africa. And anytime someone would say anything in conversation that vaguely resembled a lyric, we'd be off singing a song. People always said for me it would be hard to let go of the show. It's probably a little like--not that I've experienced it--childbirth. After a month, I was looking forward to going back. It's a very tiring business, and it takes a lot out of you, but it's the most satisfying thing I've ever done.

I read that you fell asleep at the Oscars when you attended.

No. That's a lie. My wife sent me out to get food--because what you don't realize is that you end up sitting there for about five hours. And because you get there about four in the afternoon, you don't eat till 10 o' clock at night.

How many times did your wife see "The Boy from Oz"?


What about your fans?

The record was 200 times out of 397.

Why haven't you been cast as James Bond yet?

Maybe I have been.

Have you?

No. But thank you for your vote of confidence.