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Great Teaching Schools 2015

Great Teaching Schools 2015
Great Teaching Schools 2015

Looking For A Meaningful Career? Think Teaching


In the ever changing career landscape, one of the biggest difficulties we often face is finding a job that not only meets our own criteria but also keeps us challenged and ultimately leaves us feeling satisfied. Which is why now, more than ever, people are turning to teaching for a meaningful change.

As you are reading this, there is a good chance you are already considering a move into teaching, which could be the best decision you ever make. Every year, thousands decide to move into the profession, even if they have no experience or current qualifications. Teaching is a constantly challenging, but continually rewarding career that requires a passion and dedication unlike any other, because it is a career dedicated to enabling young minds reach their true potential.

If you think you have what it takes, whether you already have some experience or not, the most important thing to consider while planning a move to education is where to gain the qualifications for the type of teaching you want to do. Different age groups and educational levels will obviously require different qualifications as well as specific training, depending on the student’s needs.  Listed to the right are schools that provide excellent paths to those qualifications.

In the US, you must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree before completing a teacher preparation program. Each state also has additional requirements before you receive your certification to teach, which can be found from the relevant state education boards. However, there is also an alternative qualification for a National Teaching Certificate accepted in most states. 

Classrooms in America typically involve 25-30 students per class. Every classroom is a unique mix of individuals, each with their own academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own learning styles. This is challenging environment to work in, but the rewards are instant, as great teaching skills not only inspire students to learn and broaden their outlook but command a respect from students and parents that is rarely found in any other workplace. 

A good course of study will make a significant difference to your career as a teacher. The best courses provide you with a strong basis in classroom theory and contemporary expertise in an ever-evolving field. Knowing how to plan lessons, structure classes to benefit students individually and successfully set work suitable to your class’s ability levels, using the most modern thinking, will allow you to thrive as a teacher and greatly benefit your students. 

Strong teaching schools provide you with opportunities to manage a classroom before you qualify; this ‘hands on’ experience can be vital, as it allows you to understand how you connect with your classes and will provide you with a bedrock of confidence for your first professional position. To watch your theoretical learning tested first-hand as part of your training is hugely beneficial to your development into a world class teacher.

Many courses will also give you options as to which subjects or age group you want to specialize in, with many US schools expecting you to be capable to teach in at least two subjects, not to mention help with extra-curricular activities such as sports or drama. Having in-depth expertise in a particular subject is highly valuable, however having many strings to your bow is a positive too. 

The rewards that come from teaching are numerous. One of those being the emotional connections you make with your students. You are constantly engaging with them on a personal level, inspiring them to strive to do the best they can and providing support when they run into problems. Watching them grow from the experience and ultimately seeing them succeed because of your tuition and guidance is a feeling without comparison. 

Teaching is also one of the few jobs where you can say you are making a significant and positive impact on the world around you. While other jobs may leave a more obvious mark, few can say that over the course of their career they have helped countless young people become fulfill their potential and become the adults they are today, part of the generation that are shaping the world around us. 

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