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John Jay College


There is no college anywhere in the U.S. or the world quite like John Jay. Founded in 1964, John Jay College has evolved into the preeminent international leader in educating for justice in its many dimensions. The College offers a rich liberal arts and professional curriculum that prepares students to serve the public interest as ethical leaders and engaged citizens. John Jay educates fierce advocates for justice.


In the hot field of cybersecurity, John Jay offers undergraduate, graduate and advanced certificate programs, including a unique master’s program that combines digital forensics and cybersecurity and innovative virtual internships with private sector industry mentors. Undergraduate students can choose from 31 majors and 40 minors, including Anthropology, Biology, Computer Science and Information Security, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Forensic Science, Forensic Psychology, Global History, Humanities and Justice, Latina/o Studies, Law and Society, Political Science, Sociology and Security Management.

The graduate program offers 13 master's degrees, including Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, International Crime and Justice, Psychology and Law, and Public Policy and Administration. Online programs are offered in Security Management and Public Administration. The College also houses the CUNY Doctoral Programs in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology. Eleven centers and institutes enhance academic research and provide professional development and training at the College. A wide variety of advanced certificates and non-credit-bearing courses are available through professional studies programs


The College community of over 15,000 students – undergraduate and graduate – is the most diverse among the City University of New York’s senior colleges. The student body is 40% Hispanic, 25% White, 21% Black and 13% Asian – with military veterans, students who are the first in their families to attend college, and students who grew up in households where English was not the primary language. John Jay students are defined by their resilience and their motivation to build bridges between the world of intellect and imagination and the world of practice.

John Jay faculty, with Pulitzer Prize-winners and nationally recognized experts, are exceptional teachers and scholars. Through their research – often in collaboration with students – they advance knowledge to help build and sustain just societies.

John Jay alumni – now 58,000 strong – have long held leadership roles in public-sector agencies and private companies in the U.S. and worldwide.


With one of the world’s most vibrant cities – New York City – serving as an extended campus, students have unparalleled opportunities to learn to challenge the status quo, cultivate their passion for solving social problems and become positive agents of change in their communities. Home to more than 1 million square feet of space on the West side of Manhattan, the campus includes professional-caliber theater facilities; the world’s premier criminal justice library; compelling art galleries; two gymnasiums, a 25-meter pool and other athletics venues; “smart” classrooms, lecture halls and simulator labs; state-of-the-art science facilities; a moot court room, and the Jay Walk, a football field-sized, landscaped, rooftop campus green. Located just over a mile from the College is the residence hall at The New Yorker hotel.


When the news media need informed, well-spoken sources for justice-related and cybersecurity topics, they routinely turn to John Jay. When blue-ribbon government commissions and nongovernmental organizations require the input of experienced specialists to help address pressing societal needs, they seek out the College. When the public, private and nonprofit sectors require infusions of talent at any level, they turn to John Jay. Private- and public-sector consulting thrives on the input of John Jay community members. The campus regularly serves as a venue for political debates, press conferences and other presentations. John Jay’s international impact is well documented and thriving, with agencies and institutions around the globe eager to engage in partnerships and exchanges with the College. John Jay’s national profile has never been higher, as its faculty, students, staff and alumni tackle some of the most important issues of justice facing the country.


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