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The dramatic increase in the use of networked technology everywhere from computers and televisions to cell phones and wearables has created unprecedented opportunities for cybercrime. Organizations and governments are now finding themselves in dire need of cybersecurity experts to fulfill roles in cyber-response and defense, intelligence gathering, network security, anti-espionage, and more.

Roger Williams University (RWU) is meeting this demand for highly trained cybersecurity specialists with cutting edge programs at both the undergraduate and master’s levels. Created through the collaboration of industry professionals and RWU faculty members, these programs deliver a comprehensive education to address these issues head-on. The program is also a member of the Cisco Networking Academy, providing students with access to leading security resources and preparation for internationally-recognized technology certifications.

Dr. Doug White, a recognized expert in the technology industry with more than 20 years of programming experience, serves as director for both the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Dr. White brings the experience he’s gained working with banks, utilities and other clients as a security consultant, technology specialist, penetration tester, and forensics analyst to his teaching.

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity & Networking is a full-time undergraduate program on RWU’s Bristol campus. Students examine all areas of computing and technology related to networking, telecommunication and computer security. In addition to a broad background in technology security, this program allows students to develop more specific skills in a focus area of their choice, preparing them for a range of diverse careers with corporations dealing with hacking, internal threats, audits and more.

Hands-on study in the Forensics and Networking Security lab at RWU allows students to work with cutting-edge technology directly while small classes allow for more time with instructors and equipment.

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity includes a thorough exploration of computer programming, networking, assessment and analysis, development of solutions, forensics, and reporting skills that combine technical knowledge, situational management and problem solving. Designed around industry certifications and standards, this program provides students with a diverse background leading to both entry-level careers (for those transitioning from other fields) and career advancement (for those with prior background in technology).

The program is taught 100% ONLINE using virtual environments to support simulation and analysis of operating systems. Theory and practice are both considered critical components of the program. Students complete a limited on-site matriculation for a capstone project and a thesis demonstrating research capabilities.

Roger Williams University is a leading independent, co-educational institution, with campuses in both Bristol and Providence, Rhode Island. Offering more than 45 undergraduate majors spanning both the liberal arts and professional fields, RWU is also home to more than a dozen master’s degree and certificate programs.

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