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How Do You Get The Most Out Of A Legal Education?

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Law Schools

As globalization has expanded the scope of the legal industry and led to a spectacular expansion of the various specialties needed in the field, pursuing a legal career is an increasingly great decision. The complexity of legal proceedings and the litigation process demands a team of skilled professionals that can offer high quality, well researched and sophisticated representation. This in turn creates a myriad of career opportunities across the industry for lawyers looking to specialize in a particular area. Aspiring litigators can fine tune their expertise by focusing on sub-specialties such as criminal law, employment law, human rights law, immigration law and numerous other areas of practice. While those who prefer corporate practice can focus on taxation laws, real estate, finance and other corporate law areas that suit their interest.

A career in the legal industry can cover an assortment of core and non-core functions from judges, lawyers, and mediators to paralegals, consultants and secretaries. The legal profession is ever evolving to reflect the changes that are present in our daily life, thus new legal career opportunities are being born constantly!

This evolving legal system coupled with technological advances and the potentially vast variety of interpretation for each law, produces a consistently challenging and stimulating environment for those in the field. Keeping abreast of the sometimes vast bodies of case law means lawyers have to grapple with complex issues and effectively articulate their arguments with strong reasoning, logic, and clarity. As more firms and businesses begin to expand with acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships across international borders, the legal profession has to adapt accordingly to cater to the needs and laws and stipulations of foreign counsel. Individuals in the legal profession in today’s world obtain a more global view due to the opportunity to represent clients with international reach.

A law degree has always been a top choice among aspirational students looking to embark on a rewarding and challenging career.  Good programs offer extensive training on the oral and written communication skills that give students a good foundation for client meetings and in-court presentation. It’s highly important that students pursue their law degree at schools that provide extensive case studies on statutory law and research complex legal issues to ensure students are adequately prepared for graduation. A law degree sets a student on their path to a career in the legal profession, and further training and study increase their potential of becoming a leading star in the field.

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Law Firms

The legal industry is in a state of rapid change driven by evolving laws and regulation designed to keep pace with advances in technology and the evolution of human rights. Law firms seeking to hire now look into various elements in an individual’s resume before hiring. Top law firms place a high value on the law school pedigree and assess the grades as a yardstick to hiring. Students are expected to go the extra mile while at law school by participating in extracurricular activities related to their profession. Esteemed law firms like Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C. seek strong publication background coupled with excellent oratorical skills.  Participating in pro bono work, competing in mooting competitions, holding leadership roles in the law society and publishing legal articles will give you the extra edge in securing a job in a good law firm.

The evolution of the legal industry has changed the way firms provide services to clients in a significant way with the inclusion of new technology. Some law firms have gone paperless and provide e-services to clients. This stems from numerous firms taking an interest to include billable hours by cutting out non-valuable administrative duties for lawyers. Changes in the traditional paper-heavy retail finance and banking industry to e-service will see modifications on managing customer expectation and security protection of confidential information. There will be more firms specializing in the area of cyber security due to the vast adoption of technology across various industries. While mergers, acquisitions and trans-border partnerships will see the legal industry cater to a broader international clientele, stronger prowess in international law creates a more international outlook for firms around the United States.

A good lawyer is the backbone of a top legal firm. These days, lawyers like Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C. are expected to explore multiple strategies to come up with strong defense and offense in court. It is crucial to be able to draw reasonable, logical conclusions or hypothesis based on limited information based on all the case studies or research to anticipate any form of argument. A lawyer has to continuously pursue training and education to keep abreast with the latest development in the legal system so they can stay ahead of their competitors. At the end of the day, all the research and studying has to translate into strong persuasive skills to prove a case, and a lawyer with an excellent interpersonal touch often can address members in the courtroom comfortably and charmingly, consequently winning the case.


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