It Was The Best Of Juries, It Was The Worst Of Ju

IF RAGE, AS EXPECTED, WILL BE THE pivotal factor in the O. J. Simpson civil trial, then the plaintiffs are off to a very good start indeed. The jury selected last week is a typical Santa Monica, Calif., panel and exactly what the plaintiffs wanted: mostly whites, well educated, middle class. The breakdown-seven whites, three Hispanics, one black and one Asian-black-is a near reversal of the predominantly black jury that acquitted Simpson last year. Simpson's lawyers weren't pleased, and that wasn't the only hit they took. NEWSWEEK has learned that Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki banned the defense's jury consultant from the courtroom. The judge's reason: Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, the consultant's colleague, violated a court gag order by appearing on NBC's "Today" show. Opening arguments were expected Wednesday.

1 Asian-black man: This 33-year-old letter carrier holds a bachelor's degree from California State in Fresno. He is single. Asked about Simpson's guilt, he said he wasn't sure.

2 White woman: At 67, she is the oldest juror. She thinks Simpson is "probably" not guilty. A widow, she has jury experience. She is a college grad who is now retired.

3 Hispanic man: This 30-year-old juror is a flight attendent He said he's not sure if Simpson is guilty, that it's wrong to as-same all cops are good and that DNA is like a fingerprint but can be deceptive.

4 Hispanic woman: This juror is the youngest at 25. She said she's not sure if Simpson's guilty. A college grad, she is an unemployed jewelry salesclerk. She said she didn't pay attention to the first trial. She is married.

5 White woman: This single 40-year-old woman works as a stage manager. She has some postgraduate education. She said she thinks Simpson is probably guilty. She said interracial marriages can be difficult.

6 Hispanic woman: She said she believed Simpson and Nicole had a "dysfunctional" relationship. She is not sure of his guilt or innocence. The woman is 89, married and works as a clerk. She has some college credits.

7 Black woman: This 62-year-old said she didn't watch the first trial because of the tearful testimony from Nicole's sister Denise Brown. She is a widow whose husband was a parole agent, She said she is not sure of Simpson's guilt.

8 White man: This 35-year-old college grad works as an administrative assistant. He said he believes O.J. got special treatment during the Bronco police chase. He said he believes the police work was sloppy. He is not sure of Simpson's guilt.

9 White man: The 55-year-old juror is an unemployed cement layer. His deceased brother was a sheriff's deputy. "Of course police cover up for each other," he said. He is married and is a high-school grad.

10 White woman: This juror is 68 years old, married with six kids. She said interracial marriage is OK but is "hard on kids." Her daughter was involved in domestic violence. She said she's not sure of O.J.'s guilt.

11 White woman: Married with some college credits, this 27-year-old wrote that O.J. is "possibly guilty... possibly framed." She said her husband believes Simpson is innocent.

12 White man: This 62-year-old man is the son of a cop. He said he thinks Simpson is "probably guilty," He is married, with some college. He is a retired technical illustrator.