Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and other Black Women in Weight Loss Ads (Video)


In this spot for Weight Watchers, singer Jennifer Hudson took a cue from the Obama campaign. "Before Weight Watchers, my world was can't," she says. "Can't eat this, can't eat that. But on Weight Watchers, my world is can." To drive the point home, she delivers the message in her signature American Idol melisma.

Queen Latifah is a spokeswoman anomaly—she represents Jenny Craig and also, its polar opposite: Pizza Hut.

Cosby Show actress Phylicia Rashad didn't just lose 35 pounds on Jenny Craig, she lost some existential mass, too. "There's just an overall sense of feeling ... much, much, much lighter in being," she says in this behind-the-scenes spot.

Mariah lets her body do the talking when she's repping Jenny Craig. Flaunting her taut arms and legs, Mimi comes tearing through a wall of fabric and stomping through broken glass.

"It's not weight-loss plans that are the problem, it's the wrong plans that never work," Janet Jackson says in her promo for Nutrisystem. She touts its 130 customizable meal choices as the secret to her success. "You have to have a plan, and you have to get on it," she said.

Former Spice Girl Mel B loves her "humps and bumps," she just wants them a little smaller. "There's never the perfect time to start to lose weight," she says in her Jenny Craig spot, "but I said to myself I'm going to do it now, today, with the help of Jenny Craig."