Jewelry: Savoring Sparkles

The clear skies and glittering water of summertime are gone, but there's a way to remember them: the aquamarine, pink, turquoise and blue of sea-colored gems. The latest collection at Chanel Fine Jewelry centers on the geometrical perfection of art deco, drawing on the seaside that Coco Chanel loved. The earring, pendant and ring designs feature either aquamarine and turquoise or coral and tourmaline stones set in 18-karat white gold with cacholong—a variety of opal—and diamonds (from $8,600 to $27,000;

British designer Stephen Webster ( uses the latest laser-cutting techniques to perfect his collection, including the Crystal Haze Classic white-gold bracelet with turquoise and diamonds ($17,000). Theo Fennell, the eccentric creator of silver Heinz ketchup and Smirnoff bottles (, shows he is about more than gimmickry with his delicate Cradle range of rings in 18-karat white gold. From the marquise aquamarine to the mint-green octagon tourmaline model (both from $12,000), his creations are redolent of summer.