Joe Lieberman: Man of the People

Spotted on American Airlines Flight 840 from St. Louis to New York-LaGuardia: Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman. Fresh from representing close friend and favored presidential candidate John McCain last night at Washington University's "Spin Row"--he told reporters that Sarah Palin "did great"--the independent legislator was seated (gasp!) in the middle of the coach cabin. (Fox News's Alan Colmes, on the other hand, was in business class. The indignity.) Here's the best shot my BlackBerry could muster (Lieberman's the fuzzy figure stowing his luggage in the overhead compartment):


"It's weird to see him sitting in coach," one flight attendant said to another. "Why?" the second attendant replied. "It's not like he's Madonna or something."
Indeed. That said, flight attendants don't usually praise Madonna for her "bipartisanship." So there's always that.