Julianne Moore On Starring In 'Blindness'

Julianne Moore stars in the Fernando Meirelles movie "Blindness," in which she plays the only person who does not go blind. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh. Excerpts:

NEWSWEEK: You're 47. Do you feel like you're 47, or do you feel 25? Julianne Moore:
No. I feel like I'm 47. I hate it when people say, "Oh my God, I'm 45, but I feel like I'm 25." I'm like, "Really, have you been sleeping for the last 20 years?" I don't feel like I need to be 25 to be viable. You have to be where you are; otherwise you're not going to have the experience of being where you are. I don't want to be frozen in time. I don't want to die, either! That's the true problem with aging.

You have two kids. Do you think of yourself as a MILF?
Oh my God. I hope so. Because if you're not a MILF, that makes you—I don't know, what does that make you? I don't think anybody wants to be a MINLF.

Do you really read every script you get?
Pretty much, yeah.

Do you have time for anything else? Now I don't finish them if I don't like them. But I used to feel obligated to go all the way through, because I thought maybe they would change and get better on page 25.

What if someone sent you "Gigli"?
It depends on when they'd sent it to me. If it was early in my career, yes, I would. If they sent it to me now, then maybe I wouldn't, I suppose. But that's not fair, because I never saw that movie. So I don't even know what that was!

Are you always looking for serious roles?
They seem to find me. If I could have been on a TV show like "Arrested Development," I would be so happy. Oh my God. That's my favorite form of entertainment. Unfortunately, it never comes my way. But if somebody is going to be trapped in an avalanche, or trapped in a terrible marriage or suicidal, I can guarantee it'll come my way.

Why do you think that is?
Something I exude, clearly.

Is there a secret for crying on screen?
Think of something sad.

Do you use onions?
No. I'm actually good at crying. You do have to go there. But my son set up a whole scene in the car once where he wanted to cry and make me upset. I said, "Let me give you a hint. If you want to fake it, cover your face with your hands. You can't fool me! I have four Academy Award nominations."