Kicking Off the Convention

(Ted S. Warren / AP Photo) 

And so it begins. Coming to you live from Terminal C of LaGuardia International Airport, this is the start of Stumper's 2008 Democratic National Convention coverage. I'm about to board a plane for Denver, Colo., where I'll continue my blogging duties from the convention floor. Look for exclusive info from Democratic movers and shakers such as Harold Ford, Tim Kaine, Eric Holder, Brian Schweitzer, Rahm Emanuel, Kathleen Sebelius, Phil Bredesen and David Plouffe, all of whom are scheduled to sit down with NEWSWEEK's editors to discuss the upcoming election. And watch for news and notes from NEWSWEEK's crack political team--Jonathan Alter, Howard Fineman, Jonathan Darman, Richard Wolffe and others. I'll be posting their reports regularly under the heading "DNC Dispatch."

Should be an exciting week.

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