Lastword: Life on the Wilde Side

You're on the new NBC show "The Black Donnellys." How are you enjoying your new project? What should we expect?
I love the show! We shot 13 episodes before it ever aired, so we really weren't under any pressure from Neilsen ratings, we really were just working for ourselves and for the story itself and I think that's why it turned out so well.

Rumor has it you almost landed the role opposite Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale." Do you hope to be a Bond girl someday?
That is true. I screen tested for that role and came very close and that was an honor in itself. We got a free trip to Prague out of it. Great times... And you know, there's no shortage of Bond movies in the future so...

You never went to college, right? Ever feel like you missed out?
It sounds like such a luxury to go and live in the Catskills and spend all day reading and talking amongst my friends about literature and theater and philosophy and politics… I think one day, hopefully, I'll be able to go and do that.

You got married at 18. How'd your parents feel about that?
I didn't tell them-they found out three months after we got married. They were thrilled, oddly enough. They're very independent thinkers; they love my husband and always have. We had been dating for six months. They had already met him and loved him and I think they were happy about him being the one I chose. If I had said, "Mom, I'm in love with a gas station attendant in a punk band living in his mom's garage," it might have been a different story… What my mom said was "It's an optimistic thing to do in pessimistic times." We were entering into Iraq at the time, so it was a pessimistic time.

Your husband is a very talented photographer and filmmaker. You're featured in some of his photos. Do you two have any plans to work together on a movie?
Yes! He is directing his first feature film and I am going to star in it with him. It's this very cool kind of documentary-style feature film based on his personal experiences... It's called "Fix" [a family drama about getting his little brother from jail to drug rehab in 12 hours]. I'm very excited to work with him. He's very patient, so hopefully he'll be able to put up with me.

Maxim and FHM both had you on their top 100 hottest women. Are you flattered or disturbed by all the ogling?
I had no idea about that! It's always flattering to be put in a group with a bunch of really beautiful women… When you ask me about Maxim and FHM… that all ties into the idea of "what do we label as beautiful" and what that means. I've been learning about plastic surgery [for a new off-Broadway play called "Beauty on the Vine"] and I'm totally terrified... One scary thing, for example, is that there is this scary doctor in LA known as the "mask man"... He brings people in, scans their faces, and then gives them surgery to give them "the perfect face." And it's just disgusting and it's what's happening to our entire culture.

Your favorite "O.C." star to work with?
Adam Brody makes me laugh really hard. I can't actually drink any liquid around him because it'll inevitably end up coming out of my nose. He is just hilarious. And very humble and sweet. He was the first person I worked with on the show, so when I was terrified, he soothed my fears and made me feel at home.

Who's most your type: Ryan, Seth, or Sandy?
Oh, my God. Sandy's got those blue eyes. I don't know-they're all such good men. I guess Seth. I mean, I'm into geek chic, what can I say?

So I have to ask about that kiss with Mischa.

Tell us about it.
It was about the hundredth time it had been done on television but everybody acted as though it had never been done before, which was kind of flattering. It caused ripples, which is always a good thing. I was very proud of the writers for not making this a one-hit-wonder big kiss during sweeps for ratings and then it would all be over. They really developed this real-seeming relationship and it had a lot of emotional weight to it and I think it's profound. Mischa and I both did our best to relay that.

Where would we find you on a Saturday night?
In New York, I would be at my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn called Marlo and Sons. It's amazing... What I love about New York is that there are all these little hole-in-the-wall places where you can just go and hear some live music and dance around and there's no real bullshit